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As a fellow physician I understand better than most the financial challenges Doctors can face when it comes to their financial planning. Of course most doctors make a good income, but it is the saving and investing part that many of my friends and colleagues struggle with.

Too often they receive terrible guidance, have no time to properly manage their own investments and set goals for that day when they no longer wish to practice medicine.

All of this compounds physician burnout related issues. I started with the intention to help address some of these issues with first education, and then guidance if needed on how to put this education into action so doctors who have spent decades learning and taking care of others can finally feel a sense of financial security and freedom.

I have been an active trader for over 20 years and have passed the SIE exam created by FINRA. Any questions please feel free to email me or if you wish to setup a 15 minute video call to talk more about your unique challenges and goals:

Financial Advisor for Doctors
Financial Advisor for Doctors